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Choosing Natural Hair Colouring -July 30 2009 Healthy Living

I remember when I visited my 70 year old aunt, who still looks amazing, I asked her what the secret was to looking young.  She said "Colour your hair."   Since then I've noticed that it's true.  Older women who colour their hair seem... (Read More)

7 Steps to Making Healthy Desserts -July 29 2009 Simple Healthy Recipes

There was once a commercial where it was a boy's birthday and the Mom was such a health nut that instead of a birthday cake she served him a beautiful birthday cauliflower with candles in it.  While I'm not that bad, I do prefer to bake my own... (Read More)

Getting Kids to Try New Foods -July 21 2009 Motherhood

This summer I'm encouraging my kids to try new foods.  My older son is more open to trying new things, but my younger son is quite reluctant. I took them to the library to pick out some children's cookbooks and find some recipes they want to tr... (Read More)

5 Sources for Vendors for Health and Wellness Fairs -July 14 2009 Workplace Wellness

  So your committee has prepared your workplace wellness strategy and now it's your responsibility to take the lead in finding vendors for your health & wellness fair.  By now you would have done your research to determine which vendor... (Read More)

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