Propylene Glycol - in your soda, personal care products and an airplane de-icer

Propylene Glycol locker on the tarmac

I just returned from beautiful Sedona, Arizona (more about that in another blog post or two) and I noticed something interesting on my flight down to Phoenix.  I was waiting at the gate and to board the plane and noticed a storage locker labelled "Propylene Glycol" (it's on the sticker below the word Glycol).

I recognized this chemical as it is something I avoid when shopping for personal care products.  I could only assume that it is what they used to de-ice the airplanes.  I had to ask...

While we were waiting to get on the plane (I was in the back half of the plane), a few of the tarmac crew were in waiting for any additional luggage to be put down below.  So I asked "Is propylene glycol what they use to de-ice the planes?" 

"Yes Ma'am."

"And they use that in personal care products too?"

"Yes Ma'am and Dr. Pepper."

Well, I couldn't find any information to confirm propylene gylcol is in any soda, let alone Dr. Pepper (perhaps one of the secret 23 ingredients?), I did find a few places that confirmed that you shouldn't use it on your skin.

Read the ingredient list on products before you buy them!

Check out these resources:

Common Ingredients - Common Problems - Propylene Glycol

Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database


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