Save on Winter Heating Cost- Heat Bed not the Whole House

Far Infrared BioMat on Bed

We all know that turning down the heat on the thermostat during the winter can save tremendously on our heating bills.  But show me a woman (who are often cold) that could survive getting to sleep when the thermostat is turned down to the recommended 62F (16 C) at night time?  It can be done actually.  You can save on Winter Heating Costs without turning lovely ladies into popsicles.  The trick is to heat up your bed not your house at night time.

According to Discovery 

“By turning down the heat, people can save nearly twice as much as the U.S. government estimated.

A company called EnergyHub analyzed Michigan winter thermostat data and found consumers could potentially be saving more than 5 percent (about $10) for each degree they turn the thermostat down.

EPA recommends 70 degrees when people are home and active and 62 degrees when away or sleeping.”

The trouble with this recommendation is for people who are often chilled who cannot tolerate having the temperature down this low at night time.

The solution is simple though.  You only need to make sure those who are cold are kept warm.  So consider a Far Infrared heating pad, like the Amethyst BioMat and a healthy option.

Using an electric blanket seems like another logical option, however, there are great health concerns about their use, especially for couples who are trying to get pregnant and for pregnant women.  According to the American Pregnancy Association, testicles can become too warm from using electric blankets and sperm counts can decrease.

Keeping a pregnant woman too warm for too long can cause the body to overheat which can be dangerous for the fetus.

Plus, there are concerns over the exposure to the Electric Magnetic Fields (EMF’s).

The Richway Amethyst BioMat addresses these concerns by having temperature settings that are below body temperature (ranging from 95 F – 158 F), a timer feature so you can have it on for a short period of time.  Plus it also has EMF blockers in the control panel and the BioMat itself. 

It is so easy to use.  The BioMat fits on your bed right under the sheets (there is a Professional model- which is the size of a massage able- perfect if you want it only on half of a queen size bed; plus it also comes in single, queen and king sizes). Simply turn on the BioMat when you start to get ready for bed.  Then start your bed time routine, of brushing your teeth etc. and then slip into a toasty warm bed.  The rest of the house can be set to 62 F, and the person who needs the extra warmth has the heat that they need to get  a good night’s sleep.

Plus there are added health benefits of the negative ions and far infrared rays, like temporary pain relief, and relaxation qualities, which may help you get to sleep faster or get a deeper night’s sleep.

This is a great way to save money and to also keep everyone in the family happy and warm.

You can learn more about the Bio Mat here and the many ways you can use this health tool here.

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