My name is Jennifer Lyall and I've been a Richway Amethyst Cryatl BioMat Distributor / Indpendant Sales Representative since 2008.  I am commited to providing you with outstanding customer service.  I'm so grateful that you've visited my website. 

There are so many health tools out there that can help you achieve your personal health goals.  I have dedicated this website to provide you with a wealth of information about the BioMat to help you as you do your research to find the right healing tool to support you.


I am able to help you with making your BioMat decision by:

  • answering your questions
  • offering you a session (I'm located just west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • renting you the Mini BioMat or Professional  (3 day or 1 week rentals- only available in Toronto area)
  • or helping you make your purchase/place your order
For those who are not comfortable ordering your BioMat online (like if you prefer not to use your credit card online), please feel free to call me- I can take your information over the phone and contact Richway directly to place your order.

If you're not in the Toronto area (I'm easily accssible from Etobicoke, Misissauga, Milton, Oakville, Bronte, Acton, Georgetown, Burlington, Waterdown, Hamilton, Freelton, Carlisle, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Puslinch, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines) and you would like to experience the BioMat before buying it, please contact me, I have colleagues who are distributors in other Canadian Cities and a few in the United States (US).  I am honoured to help you~

NOTE: SPECIAL DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR MILITARY/VETERANS IN CANADA OR USA, First Line responders (medical, fire, law enforcement) in the US AND HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS.  For Military Discount, please provide form DD214 and for Practitioner Discount, please provide a picture of your certification/license.

 The BioMat is a US FDA appoved medical device that provides:

  • Temporarily increases local circulation in areas where applied
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Temporary relief of minor muscular back pain
  • Temporary relief of minor sprains and strains
  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness 
  • Temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis 
  • Temporary relief of muscle spasms
  • Temporary increase of local circulation where applied 


The Amethyst Bio-Mat is the only mat of its kind to combine Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and Amethyst crystals for a true mind, body, and spirit healing experience. The Amethyst Bio-Mat is a unique innovation in bio technology containing 17 different layers and more than 28 lbs. of amethyst crystals, which naturally produce and are superconductors of Far Infrared Rays.

Special Features of the Amethyst Bio-Mat include:

  • A computer chip which converts harmful AC current to direct current
  • Amethyst Effect
  • Direct conduction of negative ions
  • Human Infrared (the only device to include this spectrum)

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Our Amethyst Bio-Mat will envelop you in a soothing warmth that is both relaxing and therapeutic.  It is available worldwide and in several sizes.  For more information contact Liv Healthy.  



BioMat Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials




Craniosacral Therapist (Health Practioner) using the BioMat in her practice:

I've been using the BioMat in conjunction with my hands on sessions since I got it years ago.  I find that my clients relax better, go deeper into their sessions, the releases (both physical and emotional) are more profound, and the results last longer.  It has had a particularly deep effect on those high stress Type A personalities who generally don't sleep well.  I have found several times that they start a session completely wired and talking non-stop about their stressful day, then often drop off mid-sentence and don't say another word for the rest of the session.  They "wake up" feeling like they've had a full night's rest.  Their body is finally able to let go and fully relax.


Ramona Ng 2008

CranioSacral Therapist



Pain relief, sleep support


Being able to use the BIO-MAT every night at bed time and into the night has really assisted with my sleep patterns and back discomfort and minor pain.  I do wake feeling well rested. This beats the 3 to 4 hot baths a day and into the night I was having to try to relieve back discomfort and relax for sleeping.

"a true comfort"!!!!


As a meditation coach I have truly observed the BIO-MAT has a generous gift of giving my clients that extra state of relaxation and has helped to bring them to the mental space they need to be at to totally and completely let go of any tension or discomfort they may have.

The BIO-MAT also helps a person remain in that relaxed state of mind, body and soul as they continue on with the session.

"What a wonder tool/assistant of support I have in the BIO-MAT"!!!!!


Julie Marie Gibson 2009

Meditation Coach



Osteopathic Therapist and Athletic Therapist- used in Practitioner's sessions


The BioMat enhances my clients' energy flows.  This increased flow increases the effectiveness of the techniques used during their treatments.  Clients also appreciate being able to choose how warm they want the BioMatt to be.


Nancy Spence CAT(C), DO(MP)  2010

Manual Osteopath, Certified Athletic Therapist

Barrie, Ontario, Canada



LOVE the BioMat

I LOVE my biomat!  I sleep on it every night. =)

It still feels a little hard to me; I put two beach towels on top of it which helped, but I am still thinking about ordering the Quantum Pad.  I am just trying to recover from the expenses of Christmas first!  I am thinking I might order it within the next few weeks.

Teri 2016


I am enjoying the is my dog...and my husband. Last night I got asked "Are you finished yet? Can I get a turn?"

Lisa, 2015
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Did You Know...

  • That the President of the Japanese Cultural Institution, who is the cousin of the Japanese Emperor, visited Richway Japan to present an award to Richway in April 2010 for helping many people in Japan.
  • In 2009 Jeanna Kim, CEO of Richway, received received a Citation of Special Merit from the United Nations, "in recognition of her special contributions, dedication in promoting people's health."
  • That the Professional BioMat contains 71,680 carats of amethyst crystals.

US FDA Approved Medical Device 

NOTE:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. 

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