Richway BioMat Refund Return Trade in and Repair Policy

This section outlines Richway Fuji Bio's official warranty/guarantee/refund and return and repair policy, effective November 16, 2016


a) 0-7 days fromd ate of delivery 100% refund (less shipping)
b) after 8 days and up to 14 days from date of deliveryreturned for 70% refund (less shipping)
c) after 15 days, and up to 30 days from date of delivery, for 50% refund (less hsipping)

d) after 30 days, no refund

All returned items should be packed in the same manner in which they were originally shipped to you. Products returned without a separate shipping box or without the original product box will be refused. Note: If you purchased a Biomat of any size, you may keep the cotton pad that was included as a complimentary gift.

To make a return, contact the Independent Sales Associate (ISA) who you purchased the BioMat from (it's on your receipt).

Returns must be received by Richway's office wihtin 2 weeks from the date the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number has been issued.  The customer is responisble for the return shipping charges.

After 31 days, there is no refund or exchange. 
Richway offers a limited 3 year warranty.  The full details of the warranty are listed here on the Richway USA website:
See the repair policy section for full details.


In the event your warranty has expired and you are in need of a repair for one of our products, Richway & Fuji Bio offers a repair service for anyone who owns one of our products.

How long does the repair service last?

Repair service is available for each product’s serviceable life. If we determine that a product is not repairable due to unavailability of functional parts or the serviceable life of the product has expired, we will not be able to service your product. Trade-ins are an option.

What is covered by the repair service?

The repair service grants the owner a rate for which out-of-warranty products are repaired. This is subject to the serviceable life of the product and parts availability. See below for a list of parts and products covered.

Parts covered:

Biomat® / Biobelt™ / Amethyst Pillow: Electronic components, heating element, top cover replacement, pillow (stone) wrap replacement and *carry case

Orgone Biomat: Electronic components, heating element, and **microfiber cover

Quantum Energy Pad® (QEP) / Quantum Energy Comforter™ (QEC): microfiber cover, internal cushion, comforter, and pillow case

Alkal-Life: Main unit and accompanying parts

Rejuvena: Main unit, adapter, and USB charger

* Covered for the first year only

** Covered for the first three (3) years only

What is NOT covered by the repair service?

The repair service does not cover any product which is damaged or malfunctioning due to causes beyond our control including, but not limited to, repairs necessitated by operator or owner negligence such as the failure to maintain the product according to the owner’s manual instructions, improper installation, accidental damage, damage from abuse, misuse, mold, mildew, bodily fluids and other liquid contact, rust or corrosion, and acts of nature.


Richway repair policy and costs


Richway provides a repair service for their products.  in order to server you, an RMA number is required.  Your ISA will help you request an RMA number.  When inquiring about a repair, please provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing adn provide your RI Number which is on your original order form.  

When an order is placed with Liv Healthy, we will support you with and refund or repair needs.  Often times, "problems" with the BioMat can be resolved quite easily over the phone.  If a repair or return is necessary, Liv Healthy will request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number for you and help you with returning the item to Richway.

Only the original buyer of the prodcut can request warranty service.  If you purchased your BioMat used, this policy does not apply.  Contact Richway directly for more details on rates for repairs.

The following inforamtion provdes some details of RIchway's repair service.


  1. Up to 2 months from the date of delivery, Richway will pick up the product, repair it and send it back to the customer at no charge.
  2. Two months to one year from the date of delivery, the customer is responsible for shipping the product back to Richway and the repair fee is 100% free.  Richway will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer.
  3. After one year to the end of three years from the date of delivery, the customer is responisble for shipping the product back to Richway and for the reapir fee which is detailed below.  Richway will cover the cost of shipping the product back to the customer.

See the Richway refund and repair policy for full details.




Richway also offers a lifetime trade-in.  As of 2015, you will receive a 30% credit of the value of your product towards the purchase of a new product.  You can trade in for the same product plus shipping or if the products you are trading in for is of lesser value, it is 30% of the lesser value item plus shipping.  e.g. if you were to trade in a Professional BioMat and purchase a new Mini BioMat, you would receive 30% discount off the the price of the Mini BioMat + shipping.  


Go to Richway's official website for further explanation on their trade-in policy.

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