The Richway Amethyst Bio Mat for Personal Use in Your Home

Richway International's Amethyst BioMat is an easy to use health tool that is portable, well constructed (hand made) and FDA approved.  

It's well suited for home use and you can sit on top of your bed, on your favourite chair (the Mini BioMat) or on the floor next to your yoga mat.

People of all ages enjoy the BioMat.  It can be used by children, adults, teens, seniors. The far infrared heat is the same warmth that is in a baby incubator in a hospital. There are some safety precautions, please review this page for more information about people who may need to consult their physician before using the BIoMatt.

Popular BioMat Models

The most popular models of the BioMat are:

  • The Professional BioMat and Amethyst Pillow
  • The Queen Size BioMat
  • The Mini BioMat

There are also a king and single sizes available, if you prefer a model that fits the size of your bed perfectly.  Most of my clients find that the above models meet their needs.

People use the Bio Matt for various reasons, including achieving their short term and long term health goals.  People like that they have access to a medical grade healing tool without having to leave their home.  

The FIR (Far Infrared) warmth of the BioMat feels good on your body.  Whether you have achy muscles, painful joints, strains or sprains, you may discover that the BioMat is the right tool to support you on your health journey.  

Personally, I find the soothing quality of the amethyst crystals helps me feel good.  I sleep better with my BioMat, whether I've used it during the day for a short period, or if I sleep on it over night.

Using the BioMat

Here are some different ways you can use the BioMat:


  • Sleep on it with the temperature off, or at a low setting and get the therapeutic benefits for longer periods at a time.  (people around 5 ft 5 and shorter can also comfortably sleep on the Mini BioMat and it will naturally sit under the top half of your body i.e. shoulders to hips)
  • Nap on it for a short boost of energy at any temperature (short naps for the highest temperatures).
  • Do a mini sweat session-create you own home far infrared sauna spa: turn the BioMat up to the highest setting and put an extra towel underneath you; put on a terry cloth robe and a light cotton blanket on top for a 30 minute sweat session.

BIoMat Reading

  • Sit on the MiniMat or the Professional BioMat while you watch TV or read.
  • Sit on the Mini BioMat at your desk, in your office.  The negative ions it naturally gives off, will counteract the Positive ions being emitted in your office space, like from a computer or portable phone.

BMKnee BMShoulder

  • Wrap the Mini BioMat or the BioBelt around an injured part of the body and you can use it like a heating pad with extra the extra benefits of negative ions, amethyst and black tourmaline crystals and EMF blocking technology.

The buttons on the control panel are easy to identify and allow you to control the temperature of the Infrared heat (you can also have no heat) and the length of time the BioMat stays at that temperature: for 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours.  You can see what the control panel of the mini BioMat looks like here in this video that reveiws how to use the MiniBioMat.

Travelling with the BioMat

The MiniBioMat and Professional Sized BioMat travel well.  The Mini BioMat and Professional Sized BioMat come with their own durable case.  The Professional Sized BioMat case is the size of a large suitcase and has wheels and a pull-out handle, allowing you to easily put it in a car, or even take it on an airplane.  I travel with my Mini BioMat and even put it in my main suitcase, so I have fewer bags to carry.  This helps me to get a good night's sleep even when I travel.

Cleaning the BioMat

The BioMat is easy to clean.  You can simply turn it up to the highest temperature to sanitize it.  You can wipe the surface with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.  And the cotton Pad that comes with all of the BioMats can be washed in the washing machine (I recommend that you dry it on the line).  I also like to "recharge" the crystals, by laying it out in the sun every week or so for about 30 minutes.

The BioMat also makes a more affordable and alternative to Far Infrared Saunas, and a healthier option than a Heating Pad (reduced EMF'S).  

Here's a video on how to clean the BioMat:




*Note: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product user’s guide. Please consult with a physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about Richway International’s products does not reflect or represent Richway International’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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