Claiming the Richway Amethyst BioMat or Mini BioMat on Insurance

The Richway Amethyst BioMat and Mini BioMat are considered FDA approved Medical devices.

You may be able to claim the BioMat on your Healthy Benefit Plan (if you have coverage for medical devices), Accident Insurance Coverage or Workers Compensation plan (NOTE: MEDICAID DOES NOT COVER THE BIOMAT).  A Doctor's note recommending the Amtheyst BioMat and including specific details will facilitate this process.

Getting Reimbursed by Health Benefit Plans:

American Richway customer's extended benefit medical plans sometimes cover the BioMat.  Richway has secured a National Provider Identification (NPI) number which is used for standard medical insurance transactions. This will help the application process for customers seeking insurance pre-payment or reimbursement for BioMat purchases.

It seems that fewer Canadian extended health care plans cover the BioMat, but some do.  

The individuals who have been successful with having the BioMat covered by their extended benefits have done a good job educating their medical doctor as well as the claims contact at the health care benefits provider.  If you are willing to invest the time in educating your benefits company, it will increase the likelihood of you getting the claim covered.  Many benefits companies are not familiar with the BioMat.

Making Claim for accident related injuries- WSIB, Workers Compensation or Car Insurance:

In speaking with the person responsible for processing BioMat orders related to medical claims, the majority of reimbursement cheques are related to Worker's Compensation claims and Car accident Insurance claims.

Jennifer can provide additional information to support you with inquiring to see if your health plan will cover the expense of the BioMat.  She also has peritnent information that would be required in the doctor's letter to ensure that all of the required information is being included which the health care provider will require.  

Contact Jennifer for more information.


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